"The Devil" marks Banks' first new release since 2019's III album, and follows last year's four-track EP Live And Stripped.

Banks' new outing was written and co-produced by Banks, who also co-directed the Dracula and Death Becomes Her-inspired video with Jenna Marsh.

Banks told Vogue of the new single, "In order to overcome those demons, you have to be stronger than a demon. What’s stronger than a demon? A devil. I couldn’t be some kind, sweet, polite person to get over the certain things that I needed to get over. You have to be a devil."

The new single arrives ahead of a new album due out later this year, which will be co-produced by Banks. "It almost feels like learning how to write a song all over again," Banks explained to Vogue. "Every little thing you learn feels like a new world opening up. And ironically after learning more and more about production, I’m almost more into my raw voice than I’ve ever been before. My animal self is free in this album. It’s me at my core."

Banks' "The Devil" single is out now.