This new track follows a pair of EPs from the South Shields-born singer/songwriter and melts warm, gauzy guitar riffs with yearning vocals summoned from the heart. Bentham's newie is sobering - it's a crash down to Earth whipped raw by anxiety and loneliness - wrapped in blankets of '90s indie.

"I wrote the lyrics about growing older, and growing apart, and learning about yourself," Bentham explains. "I was one year out of university and a lot of the lyrics on the album sound a bit lost because I realise I am so existential every day, and I'm so constantly aware of myself."

The opening line - "You think you know your Sunday self..." - refers to what Bentham describes as "kind of this state where you float around and nothing is too heavy, but it quickly descends into this... train of thought: what happened? When did that happen?"

The track is a taste of a "full body of new music" created with Ryder-Jones. "I've worked with some amazing songwriters in my career," he says,"[And] I think Brooke at 23 is well on her way to being up there with Alex (Turner), Saint Savoir, Mick (Head), and James (Skelly). Her lyric writing will be overlooked because of her voice but it is her words that will set her apart from others."

Bentham is supporting Sam Fender at his upcoming UK shows in November and will be playing a free solo headline date at The Islington in London on 9 December as part of a wider headline tour. Find out the full details.

"All My Friends Are Drunk" is out now via AllPoints.