If you thought Goat Girl were content with packing out the Wood Stage on Saturday afternoon, you could think again. End Of The Road’s Tipi Tent had the energy to clock onto the Richter scale late into the night when the band made a second secret appearence, and for festival-goers lucky enough to catch them, they were witness to five tracks which will feature on their next record: “Crack”, “Badi”, “Woodblock”, “Scabies”, and “Cowboy”, as well as an updated version of previous single "Lay Down".

Goat Girl weren't the only surprise of the night on the Tipi Stage, with Oi group Hard Skin (who count previous End Of The Road headliner Joanna Newsom as a fan) helping round out the day's festivities.

End of The Road concludes Sunday 1 September with headliners Metronomy and Jarvis Cocker.