Following on from previous outings "Rose Coloured" and "Angel", May carries on with her mesmerising R&B-infused sound, and delivers another heartfelt song about her cautious approach to love with her soothing vocals that are elevated with textured, pensive instrumentation.

The song builds slowly, beginning with a more skeletal beat that allows May’s voice to hit home when she sings, "I don’t want to dull my feelings / But I will to keep my heart afloat". Soon the pop melodies are introduced alongside more percussion and layered harmonies, which fill out the cautious love song to make it into an anthem about guarding your heart. Towards the end of the song, orchestral and piano melodies are woven into the track, adding to that emotive side of the track that emphasises the fearful feeling of letting your heart be open to potential heartbreak.

May tells Best Fit of the song, "Self-sabotage, especially in relationships, is so common. And as a result, and in my own experience, I’ve left before there was even any sort of warning that I should go. Your mind sort of warps what would’ve been the possibility of being truly happy, with the idea that you will eventually be disappointed. You don’t want to love, or be loved, too much, so that you can always step away. You can run."

"Runnin'" fits perfectly within the EP because at one point or another, I’ve felt this fear in each relationship that I’ve been in," May adds. "In "Angel", in "Rose Coloured"… And I’ve either overcome it, or given into it."

Grace May’s "Runnin'" single is out now alongside her L.V.R. EP. Follow Grace May on Instagram.