Throughout the whole of 2021, Kill Rock Stars drip-fed songs from its 30th anniversary covers album Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars), and on New Year's Eve, the label shared the complete compilation, which features 63 tracks.

Among those is Deerhoof's cover of Sleater-Kinney’s "Don’t Talk Like", Shamir's version of Laura Veirs’ "Where Gravity Is Dead", a cover of Elliott Smith’s "Single File" by Johanna Samuels, Anaïs Mitchell's cover of The Decemberists' "Grace Cathedral Hill", Laura Veirs' take on Elliott Smith's "Between The Bars", The Cribs' version of Comet Gain's "Finger-Nailed For You", a cover of Long Hind Legs' "Killing Distance", and more.

Kill Rock Stars' 30th anniversary covers compilation Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars) is available to stream and buy on Bandcamp now.