We surmised the evening, which saw the venue being used for live music for the first time, "Rufus Wainwright metamorphosed from balladeer to vaudeville performer to operatic diva without skipping a beat. Equal parts raconteur and troubadour, his performance was so enthralling that despite being a little sodden, leaving the venue it felt like the sun had its hat on all along". Read the full review here.

We also caught the performance at the in a set of live photographs, which you can see here.

After his London show, Wainwright is scheduled for shows in July - in Vienna; at the Llangollen International Music; Whitley Bay; Llangollen Pavilion, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, The Forum Bath and in Virginia, US.

Colour Poisoned Paradise and B&W Black Frames Impossible Project 600 type film by Impossible and shot on Polaroid 600 series by Jason Williamson.