Of course, people who have spent time with the latest album were rewarded with a record of mature and subtle artistry. She opens the set with a slick rendition of "Send to Robin Immediately", before sliding into the title track "Honey".

Still, for all the subtlety of her newer material, it’s hard to compete with the visceral euphoria of her most immediate work. Tonight, she moves between newer and older material effortlessly, spinning out mid-90s killer "Be Mine", alongside a perfect rendition of deep cut "Love Is Free". Her final run is impeccable, moving from the massive, bumping "Call Your Girlfriend" to a slap bass encore of "Stars 4 Ever".

The most memorable moment comes after the first verse of "Dancing On My Own", when Robyn falls into silence, and the room fills with thousands of people belting out the chorus, gratefully, rapturously, lovingly, alone, together. Next, a couple more minutes of Robyn’s name, chanted, before accelerating back into the second verse. Truly, this is one of the best pop songs of the last couple of decades, and it only seems to gain more power every year.

-- Setlist --

Send to Robin Immediately



Hang With Me


Ever Again

Be Mine!

Because It's in the Music

Between the Lines

Love Is Free

Dancing on My Own

Missing U

Call Your Girlfriend

Trust Me

Stars 4-Ever

With Every Heartbeat

Human Being

Who Do You Love?