The result is Soul Transplant Operation, a short film that taps into SFA’s memory bank for seven minutes of surreally entertaining anecdotes, and anticipates the release this week of a multi-format reissue of Fuzzy Logic on CD, vinyl and digital.

The film’s director Ric Rawlins, who also wrote last year’s SFA biography Rise of the Super Furry Animals, explains, “When the Fuzzy Logic reissue was announced I thought it was a great opportunity to do something, but as the book was already out I didn’t want to write about them again! My day job is video, so I thought a short film could be a different way of looking at it, plus you get to blast out some remasters on the soundtrack. 

“Rockfield Studios was admirably musty – it’s the place where Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded – and the band were reliably insightful and hilarious. I don’t think all of them knew why I was filming in fact… it might have been confusing when I started pointing cameras at them. 

“I was lucky enough to work with an incredible animator called Paul Rayment, who’d previously made an unofficial video for SFA’s "Drygioni". Paul’s usually involved with huge advertising campaigns and video games, but for this he created a beautiful animation featuring Howard Marks' passport images.”

Watch the film above.